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Plastic Injection Mouldings UK

From design & development through to delivery , we manufacture precision injection mouldings. UK based BKS Plastics Ltd also offer printing, drilling, assembly of components and packaging of the final product. We provide the complete plastic injection mouldings service.

We manufacture plastic injection mouldings for a variety of industries such as building, construction, transportation, educational, pet products, leisure, and point of sale and also offer a complete solution on tooling.

As a UK plastic injection mouldings company, we pride ourselves on our quality of service and speed of delivery with customers being able to deal with the same people each time they call. UK plastic injection mouldings company BKS Plastics Ltd manufacture many bespoke products and can produce one-off prototypes or high volume daily batches, at very competitive prices.


We use ENGEL plastic injection mouldings machines renowned for their long established and industry wide reputation for quality, precision and reliability.

Post Moulding Operations:

We can arrange numerous post moulding operations including assembly of components, printing , drilling and packaging.

Plastic Injection Mould Tooling:

We can arrange Tooling Design, Manufacture, Tooling Trials & Development of your plastic moulded products. We have experinence in 2 Plate, 3 Plate and Hot Runner Systems and can provide advice and help in choosing the correct mould tooling solution for your products. Dependent on volumes and applications we can offer a range of steels and mould bases to suit all budgets.

We have over 30 years experience in plastic injection mouldings . Please contact us to receive a free quote or for more information on our UK Plastic Injection Mouldings service.