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About BKS Plastics

Established in 1979, BKS Plastics originally concentrated on making disposable cutlery for the fast food industry. The company has since expanded into trade moulding products, manufacturing goods for such diverse industries as Building, Construction, Educational, and Leisure.

Despite this expansion, both sides of the business are equally important to the company, manufacturing our own products for customers nationwide, and the trade moulds for customers who appreciate our attention to detail.

Our other strengths lie in our staff who take on the tasks of secondary operations, packing and labeling goods. We are always willing to service the needs of our customers by working closely with them to deliver goods to their naturally high standards.

We are used to working with all types of thermo-plastic materials and with our involvement in manufacturing parts for the computer industry, have become used to working with flame retardant materials. Manufacturing with these materials is important to any company wishing to sell goods to the United States of America.