Can you arrange Prototypes?

Yes we can arrange prototype products, these can be either fast turn around or normal lead times

How much will tooling cost?

This will depend on a number of factors, ranging from the complexity of the part, the annual volume, and lifespan of the product

Can you produce small quantities?

We can produce anything from one item to high volume daily batches, but due to the nature of the process small batches and one off's can be very expensive

When will I get my Products?

This will all depend on the development route chosen, but typical lead times are 8 Weeks.

I only need a small qty each year, can you do this for me?

No problem, all batch quantities and frequencies can be accommodated.

Who owns the tooling?

Once fully paid for, and Sale conditions are met, the customer will own the tooling.

Can I move the tooling to another supplier?

We would hope this would not be necessary but If the tooling is fully paid for, and Sale conditions are met, the customer may move their tooling.

Do you accept existing tooling in order to produce our existing parts?

We have a vast amount of experience in accommodating existing tooling, and will work around existing stock levels and lead-times to ensure a seamless transfer