BKS Plastics have over 30 years experience in the plastic injection moulding business and there are not many materials that we don't have experience of, these include glass filled and flame retardant grades.

  • POM - Acetal - high strength, stiffness and hardness, good chemical and environmental resistance and low moisture absorption
  • PC - Polycarbonate - popular engineering plastic due to its strength, rigidity, toughness and transparency
  • PA6 - Nylon 6 & PA6:6 - Nylon 6:6 - nylons have good thermal and chemical resistance properties
  • ABS - Acronitrle Butadiene Styrene - glossy finish, dimensional stability and electroplating ability
  • TPE - Thermoplastic Elastomers - elastic and impermeable properties
  • PBT- Polybutadine Teraphalate - dimensional stability, high heat resistance and chemical resistance properties
  • PVC - Polyvinyl chloride - high strength to weight ratio, does not corrode, is very durable, chemically stable and does not depolymerise
  • PP- Polypropylene - semi-rigid, translucent, chemical resistance, tough, fatigue resistance, integral hinge property, heat resistance
  • PS- Polystyrene - rigid, low cost and odourless
  • PE - Polyethylene - inexpensive and versatile
  • PPS - Polyphenolsulphide - very strong and can resist very high temperatures
  • PMMA - Acrylic - exceptional optical properties


Please don't hesitate to contact us, as we are more than happy to offer advice on the most suitable and cost effective material for your application.