The high proportion of repeat business that BKS Plastics enjoy is testimony to the quality of our plastic injection moulded products and their performance in such a wide variety of environments.

Quality procedures both internally & externally ensure product reliability & customer satisfaction - we are committed to producing a dynamic & efficient service, Quality Assurance being central to this approach.

Our quality control team will be happy to discuss your particular quality requirements and ensure their implementation.




BKS Plastics Ltd - Quality Policy Statement

It is our endeavour to value our customers, to take pride and responsibility in our Products and services, and to always aspire to overcome any difficulties we may encounter. The Quality System utilised at BKS Plastics is designed to comply with customer specific requirements.

In satisfying the above endeavour, we must pursue the following objectives, while constantly keeping the following six S’s in mind.

  • Seiri "Separate" – keep what is needed, remove what is not.
  • Seiton "Standardise" – a place for everything, easy to hand
  • Seiso "Clean" – Keep machines and workplace clean
  • Seiketsu "Neatness" – remove defective/ damaged parts
  • Shitsuke "Discipline" – work to the rules
  • Shukan "Habit" – make the above habitual.

In order to gain customer’s satisfaction, BKS will by using the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) approach:

  • Strive to provide products that continuously match their time and market
  • Strive to provide products at a competitive price
  • Strive to achieve on time delivery
  • Strive to engage in open communication with customers to better understanding their needs
  • Strive for continuous improvement (“Kaizen”) in all areas of the organisation, with direct involvement by each and every employee
  • Provide a framework for establishing and reviewing organisational objectives

Every employee of BKS Plastics is expected to strictly observe our quality system and to take corrective action to prevent reoccurrence of quality related problems, and to initiate preventative actions when required.

A Dewhurst
Managing Director

Download PDF: Quality policy statement Issue 1 _2-03-08.pdf