BKS Plastics can offer a complete precision injection moulding service, from product development through to delivery allowing the customer full control of their product. We manufacture many bespoke plastic moulded products and can produce one-off prototypes to high volume daily batches, at very competitive prices.

Our engineers are extremely experienced toolmakers and technicians and will help you get your product to market faster while retaining the high quality and attention to detail expected.

Our other strengths lie in our staff who take on the tasks of secondary operations, packing and labeling goods. We are always willing to service the needs of our customers by working closely with them to deliver goods to their naturally high standards.


With injection moulding machine capacity from 35 tonnes clamp force, we are able to accommodate even the smallest of jobs. We use ENGEL injection moulding machines renowned for their long established and industry wide reputation for quality, precision and reliability.

Post Moulding Operations:

We can arrange numerous post moulding operations to suit your requirements. These include assembly of components, printing , drilling and packaging.